Franchising, Licensing & Dealership Strategies integrate with E-commerce platform

For FRANCHISOR, highlight our services below:

- Franchise System: Set up franchise system & infrastructure by reviewing business model, financials, sales & marketing functions and operations

- Franchise Manual: Standardize operational procedure by creating operation / franchise manual

- Franchisee Recruitment: Plan, organize & manage the entire franchise recruitment programme (design marketing campaigns   generate leads motivate response  turn interest into application)

- International Franchising: Collaborate with consultant team of target countries to propose & implement franchise development programme.

For FRANCHISEE, highlight our services below:

- Franchise Brands: Provide a diverse range of established and emerging franchise brands from local and overseas markets 

- Guidance: A step-by-step guidance to entrepreneurs & corporates to shortlist & select a suitable franchise brand based on their background, interest and strengths etc.

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